I had several sessions with Ms Vazin early last year and she really helped me to overcome few issues I had at that time and other things I had blocked off in my memories. The fact is Ms Vazin is more than a counselor, she is truly someone you can talk to without feeling you are in her room just to make your time count. She is able to walk with you to the core of who you are so in the end you are no scare of what you find. She has a kindness in her heart that is hard to find in people in a daily life. I found her very knowledgeable in many aspect of soul searching dilemmas. Every human is different and we all come with different stories, but I know Ms Vazin has the compassion and the right targeted tools to help everyone.
Francesca A.

Aida really helped me see the relationship issues our family was dealing with in a new light. I was amazed at her immediate grasp of the underlying issues, very useful and insightful suggestions and valuable advice. Even not having met her yet, I felt I was conversing with a close family member genuinely interested in my well-being. I look forward to working with her in future to get my life path and family relationships onto a more positive and joyful trajectory.
Mahesh S.

When I was referred to Aida, I was desperate for a lifeline to sanity. I felt safe and she was calming. I was able to share what was really going on with me and she surprised me by taking me to another level in a matter of months. I was able to clarify my needs in the murkiness of the situation and remove myself from harm without feeling unworthy.
After learning the process of self-management, I was able to transcend through difficult situations and have more peace in my life than I ever imagined.
Mary G.

I called around to a lot of different people before I chose to work with Her. She was amazing and has helped me change my life for the better. I really can not say enough about how effective the therapy has been for me in my life.
Cameroon S.

Aida is calm and kind while being clear and truthful with her suggestions and teachings. So grateful. She always teaches me and opens my eyes to what it…thank you.
Dina M.

Hello Dr., The consultation was good and I felt mich lighter, in control and content after the session. Its what I would like to have as a constant for me in my life. I felt very comfortable and understood, I appreciate that alot so thank you
Iylaf S.

Aida is wonderful. I immediately felt at ease. She has a warm and kind disposition. I would highly recommend Aida
Kar H.

Ha sido una gran experiencia! Aida es amable y cuida mucho de sus pacientes. Altamente recomendado!
Tatiana W.

I’ve experienced coaching with Aida, and I must say that her depth of connection, clarity of mind, and overall PRESENCE, is something to behold. Aida brings a wealth of experience, warmth, and and a deep intuitive regard for her clients. I would heartily recommend Aida to anyone.
Adam T.

She is a very effective, trust worthy and genuinely interested in learning about you. Astute at sensing what you are thinking and feeling. She is also very warm, empathetic and truly focused.
Masterful at explaining your symptoms and adapting this explanation as circumstances change.
Lastly, she makes you feel empowered and inspires hope and optimism.
Yaya G.

thank you for a great session. i am looking forward to the next one?
Jodi P.

I have postpartum depression and it’s my first time getting counseling. I didn’t know what to expect or what would my end results will be. I was nervous. I was anxious. Dr. Aida is truly someone I would recommend to get counseling with. It’s hard for me to share or release my emotions, but with her it came easily. I don’t know if it was her soothing voice or reassurance that everything will be okay, but I gain some confidence and great feedback with each session. It’s a great feeling to know she’s here to help when needed. Don’t go anywhere Dr. Aida!
Amanda H.

Yes, I have valuable take-always, thank you.
Charity G.

Aida, I am impressed with your level of compassion and concern for both Hanna and myself. We look forward to working with you.
Donna S.

Aida brought a fresh and clear perspective on the issues that I have to deal with in my life. She encouraged, supported and guided me in an honest assessment of different aspects of my life, both professional and personal. This in turn has lead me to have a positive view on life, feel empowered and optimistic. Even more importantly, her coaching is helping me establish a clear pathway for personal development and improvement.
George Theodor S.

Was the best referral have ever gotten. Shes amazing, extremely professional, caring, patient and most of all very sincere. Would highly recommend her services and acknowledgement to anyone as she is absolutely wonderful!
Tiffani R.

Aida is consistent in her coaching and always provides tools to establish and achieve goals; she will hold you accountable!
Gurjit S.

As a person who has had several traumatic experiences within a military and law enforcement career I have been in Therapy many times over the years. My experience/therapy with Aida Vazin was by far the most helpful that I’ve had.

I happily and highly recommend her services to anyone in need.

Dale A.

Thank you Aida. Your support is so appreciated.
Flora F.

My partner Mindy and I were very satisfied with our first session with Dr. Vazin. She was objective and made both of us feel heard and validated. She also gave us some homework to do to get us into action.
Mayra M.

I’ve learned a lot just in one session.
Ismail P.

Oh boy, you said it! Patience and compassion for myself.
Mary G.